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Demo Course

Corporate Governance and Ethics 
This is a demo version of the course Corporate Governance and Ethics by Stephen Davis.

Corporate Governance Basics

The course CORPORATE GOVERNANCE BASICS is the ideal introduction to the world of corporate governance. In this course you will be introduced to the basics of international corporate governance.

Corporate Governance and Ethics

The course gives an overall view of the techniques of stewardship, including on how professionals tackle engagement with corporate boards and executives.

Gender, Diversity and Inclusion - Alsea Case Study

This course aims to look at a company’s social performance through a gender lens.

ESG Ratings: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The course is aimed at finance professionals, academics, regulators as well as curious minds who would like to understand the world of ESG ratings in greater depth.


ESG & Stewardship: A Practical Perspective

The course gives a detailed overview with examples on how ESG is applied from a practitioners lens.

Governance and Stewardship in Korea

From this course, participants will learn not only how Korean corporations are controlled and governed, but also learn how shareholders can carry out their stewardship responsibilities.

Educational Partners

Cooperation with respected partners and supported by high level experts in ESG and stewardship



DVFA e.V. is the professional organization of all investment professionals in the German financial and capital markets with more than 1,400 members. The association is committed to the professionalization of the investment profession, develops standards and promotes young finance professionals. Through various commissions and committees, it participates in regulatory processes and political discussions. DVFA e.V. is organized in various international networks and professional associations.


Since more than 30 years the DVFA e.V. and DVFKA Akademie are the professional organizations for all Investment experts working in german Financial and Capital market. The DVFA is an experienced and trustworthy partner for state of the art qualificating programs.

Over 1.400 members represent the diversity of Investment- and Riskmanagement in Germany and engage in professionalising the craft of Investment Professions, creating standards and developing the Finance offsprings.
The DVFA Network brings practical and theoretic knowledge of all Investment disciplines together for a greater qualification and deeper understanding.



The European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI) was founded in 2002, having been established on 15 October 2001 as an international scientific non-profit association under Belgian law in accordance with its original Articles of Association. It has been established to improve corporate governance through fostering independent scientific research and related activities.

Since then, the European Corporate Governance Institute has published over 900 Working Papers on important topics, it has acquired over 660 members from 54 different countries, has hosted over 20 international conferences, many workshops, provided training for 18 doctoral students, compiled a directory of over 460 international Corporate Governance Codes and counts three Nobel Laureates among its founding members. These achievements were made possible by the loyal support of ECGI research members, institutional partners, patrons and network of academic and practitioner members.

About ICGN

Established in 1995 and led by investors responsible for assets under management of around US$70 trillion, ICGN advances the highest standards of corporate governance and investor stewardship worldwide in pursuit of long-term value creation, contributing to sustainable economies, societies, and the environment. This is achieved through a comprehensive international work programme based around three core activities:

Influence: Promoting ICGN Principles as investor-led global standards for governance and stewardship and influencing public policy and professional practice. 
Connect: Delivering high-quality global events and webinars with unrivalled opportunities for networking, knowledge-sharing and collaboration.
Inform: Enhancing professionalism in governance and stewardship practice through information and education
Education and Training from ICGN

Education & training is at the heart of ICGN’s purpose, encouraging best practice and informing members about key developments in corporate governance and investor stewardship.  ICGN offers a range of training programme options; In-house training, ICGN Governance, Stewardship & Sustainability Course (GSS) and the Excellence in Corporate Governance Programme (ECG).
The Governance, Stewardship and Sustainability Course
The Governance, Stewardship and Sustainability course gives investment professionals, company managers, investor relations officers, corporate directors and other governance professionals what they need to know about the theoretical, empirical and especially practical aspects of integrating ESG into investor and company decision-making. The structure and content of this substantially updated course reflect the accelerating pace of developments.